The bartender sets 2 beers and 2 shots in front of me and my friend. He and I nod in gratitude.

ME: “Some things are obvious.”

FRIEND: “Dude, no fucking shit. It’s obvious that some things are obvious.”

ME: “I don’t always agree…”

FRIEND: “About what? That some things are obvious, or that it’s obvious that they’re obvious?”

ME: “Well, I guess I sometimes think probability is bogus”

FRIEND: “I thought we were talking about obviousness.”

ME: “Something being obvious just means that it has a very high probability of being true.”

FRIEND: “No. Being obvious means that it’s definitely true. Without needing to be supported.”

ME: “Okay. You can see that it’s not obvious that anything is ever obvious then, right?”

FRIEND: “No. I can name all kinds of obvious shit. Like, it’s obvious that these drinks will make us drunk.”

ME: “But that’s not your definition of obvious. You’d have to support it. Explaining what alcohol is and how it works. You have to know a bunch of shit to be sure of that. Or you’d have to have observed it happen. It’s not obvious”

FRIEND: “Then you’re saying that obvious things can’t require any previous knowledge. But you have to know what ‘obvious’ is before you can know that something is obvious. You always have to know at least two things in order to know one thing. I think Aristotle already covered this shit.”

ME: “Right, so maybe nothing is obvious.”

FRIEND: “That’s stupid, it makes the idea useless”

ME: “So?”

FRIEND: “So that’s stupid.….What are we talking about? Is this really about a girl!?!”

ME: “……well….umm…………..Fuck you!”

FRIEND: “Fuck you! Let’s just talk about the girl then!”

ME: “Well, obviously that’s what I want to do.”

FRIEND: “Cheers to that.”